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Our latest, advanced multi-tasking machine tools are reliable, productive and accurate. To keep them that way, we’ve introduced a new Service Initiative called Gulf Adonis’s SMART OPTIONS 5 YEAR WARRANTY to help protect you and your machine tool’s performance now…and in the future.

So, in the unlikely event your new machine breaks down…develops a fault sometime down the line…or is damaged by operator error (i.e. spindle collision caused by programming error), your SMART OPTIONS 5 YEAR WARRANTY* means we’ll be on hand, right away, to repair the machine and get it (and you) up and running.

No fuss…no trouble…no worries.

Gulf Adonis’s SMART OPTIONS WARRANTIES help lower the cost of ownership and are another great example of Gulf Adonis supporting you and your machine from day one.

SMART Options 5 year Warranty – what’s included

  • Comprehensive 5 year breakdown cover includes parts and labour
  • 5 Year Servicing Plan – includes 1 service visit per year
  • 5 Year Spare Parts service kit – 1 kit issued per year


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